Fitness Training & Performance Conditioning for Healthy Dogs

In addition to physical therapy for animals with injuries, post surgery, etc., K9 Wellness Center also offers fitness training and performance conditioning for healthy dogs. Just as with humans, dogs can benefit from "cross training" - for example, swimming provides excellent cardiovascular conditioning for dogs competing in agility or field trials, and improves muscle tone for dogs competing in conformation. Our indoor, 4' deep pool provides a clean, safe, comfortable experience for both dog and owner without the hassles of beach sand, lake water, other dogs, etc. Small dogs can swim in the 24" deep hot tub, and larger dogs benefit from walking in the warm (92 degree) hip deep water, which decreases stress through weight bearing joints while providing resistance to movement. And dogs can be trained to walk or run on the treadmill, so that regular exercise can continue even in the heat of summer and cold of winter. Owners also learn stretches to perform with their dogs to enhance flexibility, improve mobility, and prevent injury.

Exercise is one of the most important tools for keeping pets physically and emotionally healthy. Regular physical activity has many benefits, including:

extending the lifespan
strengthening the heart and lungs
reducing boredom/anxiety/depression
decreasing aggression
stimulating the release of endorphins (natural opiates in the brain) to decrease pain
relieving pain in arthritic joints
improving digestion
increasing energy
stimulating weight loss
decreasing the risk of diabetes
strengthening the immune system.

Imagine - if there was a pill that could do all that, with no detrimental side effects…. what would you pay for it?


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